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About StarBot

What is StarBot?

StarBot is high quality powerful software that is reading from Tibia screen and thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning it uses mouse and keyboard to act like a human.

It is a PC version bot and its minimum requirements are:

  • Windows 7 for RL Tibia
  • Windows 7 or higher for OTS
  • DotNET (.NET) Framework 4.7
  • Latest Tibia client for RL Tibia or Tibia client 12+ for OTS
  • Full maps without markers

Starbot works with official Tibia servers and OTS that uses Tibia Client 12+
Is it detectable by BattlEye?

StarBot has been lately caught by BattlEye and its priced has been significant lowered due to that fact. Despite this, botting on RL Tibia is still profitable due to cheap bot.

CipSoft has also ability to detect any bot based on how your character act in game. To minimalize the risk of banishment you should:

  • bot suitable amount of hours everyday (8-10 hours per character is enough)
  • 1 character per account
  • avoid reports (choose less crowded spawns)
  • pick less popular worlds (less players, less reports, more spawns for you)
  • be nice to other players (make them think you're real person)

What can StarBot do for me?

StarBot is not intended to be used as heal bot or other support. It is supported by Lua engine that allows to write any script you need. Thus what StarBot has to offer?

  • Full AFK CaveBot that is capable to walk based on the waypoints, deposit items, withdraw items from depot or stash, refill supplies and ammunition based on setup and so on...
  • Targeting (fast targeting on Battle List)
  • Quick looting (about 99% picked loot)
  • Advanced Healing (support all kind of potions and spells)
  • Advanced persistent actions (eat food, equip items, move ammunition to quiver, lure monsters etc.)
  • Navigation (have a teamhunt on bot)
  • Lua scripts (write any script you wish of)
and more...
What is the pricing?

Depending on the amount of days and payment method, the pricing is:

License Time Price
Client + 30 days 125 TC 4 EUR 19 PLN
1 Month 125 TC 4 EUR 19 PLN
3 Months 325 TC 10 EUR 46 PLN
6 Months 650 TC 20 EUR 92 PLN
12 Months 1150 TC 36 EUR 165 PLN

Available payment methods: Transfer in-game (Tibia Coins), PayPal (EUR) and HotPay (PLN).

Purchase link and more information can be found here:

In order to bot, you have to purchase first StarBot Client for each Tibia. License time is equally splitted between all of your clients!

How to download StarBot?

StartBot can be only downloaded from official website. To download StarBot, you have to first purchase StarBot client. Each client is unique and dedicated for every customer.

Click here to go to the page where you can purchase StarBot client from official reseller.

If someone offers you a cracked or free version of StarBot, then it's a virus! Download StarBot only from official website: after you obtain a StarBot client for yourself from official resellers!

For Beginners

Required tools and environment settings.

Before you actually obtain a StarBot License, please make sure you meet the requirements:

  • Windows 7 - StarBot is currently working only on Windows 7. There are plans to make it compatible with Windows 10 and newer in future.
  • DotNET (.NET) Framework 4.7 or newer - If you haven't installed it yet, download it from Microsoft website.
  • Latest Tibia client - StarBot only works on real Tibia, it cannot be run on OTS.
  • Full maps without markers - download map from - it's official Tibia fansite.

Don't forget to prepare your characters earlier. It's highly recommended to bot 3 or 4 characters per client. Buy cheap characters from Tibia Char Bazaar. Don't waste time and money making them from zero.

Buying StarBot license.

As it was already mentioned many times, StarBot is a PC bot and can be only run on Windows 7. If you have other operating system, this bot won't work for you.

Follows steps below to buy StarBot.

  1. Visit offical StarBot website and create an account there. Make sure you confirm your e-mail address. Your login will be used as an identity of your account in orders on our website.
  2. Once you have created an account on StarBot website now you need to obtain a StarBot client. Visit now, provider your login used during registration on StarBot website and get yourself a client. There might be no new clients available thus you will have to wait for next delivery.

From now you should have one client in StarBot panel like on screenshot below.

Client in StarBot Panel Client in StarBot Panel.

You will also get an order confirmation e-mail from our system.

Your days of license are splitted into all your bot clients!

Installing StarBot

Installing StarBot is a bit complex process therefore it got splitted into 4 parts:

  1. Setting up Windows 7
  2. Setting up the Tibia client
  3. Installing the StarBot Client
  4. Initializing the StarBot client

1. Setting up Windows 7

Guide for setting up Windows 7 is available on official Starbot Documentation, the link is:

2. Setting up the Tibia client

Guide for setting up the Tibia client is available on official Starbot Documentation, the link is:

3. Installing the StarBot Client

Since last update, StarBot is only available in console version due to safety.

Every time you start StarBot, you will be asked to load StarBot libraries from your computer. If it's your first time starting it or you want to update your Tibia maps press Cancel. After that you will be asked to select Tibia Maps directory (by default it will find it) and then just press OK.

This process might take a few minutes. It will download all needed patterns and generate unique library file that you will have to load upon StarBot launch.. Remember that you have to do it only once.

Client in StarBot Panel Process of StarBot storing unique library file.

Great! From now, whenever you start StarBot, you can load